Bryant Airform Rollers & Pulleys

Bryant Products, Inc. precision-grade Airform parts provide the industry’s best rollers and pulleys for conveyor systems. Bryant’s proprietary methods eliminate additional expense and weight normally required for machine rollers and pulleys. With AirForm, you get a lighter-weight conveyor pulley without all of the extra fabrication and material costs.

Airform rollers and pulleys are manufactured using a controlled process that selectively reduces the tube diameter along its entire length. AirForm rollers and pulleys are available in point, trapezoidal, arc, concave, and straight crowns. They are available in all shaft to pulley configurations, with or without lagging, and can be dynamically balanced.

Customized Conveyor Rollers & Pulleys

Since Bryant’s Airform tubes are free-formed in air, you can specify a wide range of concave, convex, compound, wave forms, cylindrical shapes with single or multiple crowns or grooves, and back-to-back taper designs.