'Monster' Heavy-Duty Self-Centering Slide from LM76

LM76 just shipped a monster slide weighing 800 pounds and 115" long. Like all of LM76's installations, it was designed around our customer's application.

This servo driven self-centering slide (2 carriage plates moving toward each other or away from each other) has to handle a combined clamping force of 5000lbs. Special stiffener bars were installed to keep the slide base plate from bowing under the load.

Self-centering slide technology

LM76 are experts in designing heavy-duty self-centering slides. A separate LM76 application, for an international leader in the manufacture of metal products, allows for the shaping, under extreme loads and pressures, of super metals like iconel, hastelloy, monel and titanium into a variety of shapes and sizes. The Y Axis(s) can develop pulling loads of over 1800 pounds, and the X Axis can develop pulling loads of over 2000 pounds.

Learm more about self-centering slides by contacting Owen McCarron at OEM Industrial: owen@oemindustrialinc.com