Rollon's Telescopic Linear Guides Offer Versatility

Rollon’s Telescopic Line of products for home and industry includes full and partial extraction telescopic guides, such as Telescopic (designed for high loads), Opti (full extraction) and Light Rail (lightweight and smooth) designs. 

The telescopic linear guides come with hardened raceways and different profiles of the rail and of the central component in order to meet diverse requirements in terms of load capacity, rigidity and smooth operation, even when fully extended. 

Rollon offers a wide selection of Telescopic Linear Guides.

  • Telescopic Rail - telescopic linear bearings for high load capacity
  • Light Rail - light telescopic linear guides with full or partial extraction
  • Hegra Rail - steel, aluminum and stainless steel Telescopic guides available for partial, full and overextended applications

The Telescopic Line rails from Rollon also boast excellent self-alignment properties. They are suitable for opening industrial drawers and compartments, for sliding machine safety doors and seats used in the transport industry, to mention just a few. 

They are used in a wide range of industries, such as the railway, aerospace, medical, logistics, special vehicles, industrial machines, building industries, as well as the most demanding home and business furnishing.