Teletrack Pulleys and Rollers

Bryant Products is a leading manufacturer of light and medium duty pulleys and a full line of light duty, heavy duty, and chain driven live (CDLR) conveyor rollers.


Rollers are typically used in unit handling applications as a series of rollers to support a belt or pallet or as part of a roller bed conveyor to replace a slider bed conveyor. Bryant manufactures rollers with steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and thermoplastic. Their rollers are available with hex or round axles and non precision (stamped) or ABEC precision bearings.

Light Duty Conveyor Rollers​

  • Diameter range from ø1.375 – ø3
  • .049 – .095 wall material

Heavy Duty Conveyor Rollers​

  • Diameter range from ø1.90 – ø8
  • .125 – .500 wall material

Chain Driven Live Rollers (CDLR Rollers)

  • Diameter range from ø2.50 – ø6
  • .125 – .300 wall material

The sprockets are available in a wide variety of diameters and pitches and are produced in single, double, and triple row.


Bryant Products is a leading manufacturer of light and medium duty pulleys for a wide variety of belt conveyor applications. Their precision grade head and tail pulleys range in diameter up to 15″ and in face widths up to 108″. They offer TIRs as low as .001″ and shaft tolerances as low as .001″.

They offer all common shaft-mounting configurations – fixed bore plates or hubs, welded shaft, hub and bushing, internal bearings, and stub shafts.

Bryant Teletrack and AirForm® pulleys can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and thermoplastic and in many face profiles including straight, tapered crown, or trapezoidal crown.

Their new TuffCore® urethane lagging process can be applied to a diversity of surface profiles.

Bryant also offers dynamic balancing. Their computerized balancer is sensitive enough to compensate for the twist inherent in all tubing, providing you with parts balanced to the tightest tolerances at the highest RPM ranges required.

Metal Face Machined Pulleys

  • .25-1.50 wall material

TuffCote® Urethane Lagged Pulleys​

  • Available in all AirForm® and Machined Pulley configurations

Metal Face Formed (AirForm®) Light Duty​​ Pulleys

  • Less than .125 wall material

Metal Face Formed (Airform®) Medium Duty Pulleys

  • .125 – .134 wall material

Metal Face Formed (Airform®) Heavy Duty Pulleys

  • Greater than .188 wall material

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