DieQua Drives and Motors: Linear Motion Solutions

DieQua Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of gearboxes, gear heads and speed reducers for power transmission and motion control applications. With years of application experience in a broad spectrum of industries, we strive to be an extension of our customers’ engineering team.

DieQua understands the needs of machine design, and is able to utilize design parameters in order to select optimal technology for customers.

Motion Control Solutions

Different gear technologies were developed for very specific applications. This is why DieQua offers such a wide range of solutions compared to other suppliers of servo gearheads. DieQua has the largest selection of gear head options and knows where and when to use them. By analyzing up to 36 different application characteristics, we are able to select the appropriate product for the hob. 

Power Transmission Solutions

Production, processing and material handling machinery require a variety of drive solutions to achieve the power, torque and speed requirements of their applications. Having a supply partner that has all the options saves time and assures proper implementation of the technology. Unique solutions designed specifically for our customers' needs are something we do every day. 

OEM Industrial is your DieQua representative for the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact Owen McCarron fior more information at oemindustrial@comcast.net


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