Inline Ratio Multipliers

Keltech offers several different inline ratio multipliers that will help you get the job kob. Choose from their selection of aluminum or stainless steel options, every box will increase input speed when combined with right angle units for high ratios. These can also be used as a standalone single-reduction inline speed reducer.

Aluminum Inline Ratio Multipliers

  • Paint free aluminum. Will not chip or flake overtime
  • Standard Nema C flange for easy installation and replacement. Also available in IEC
  • Single Piece aluminum alloy housing
  • Can be used with optional feet kit as a stand alone helical inline reducer
  • Can be combined with our right angle reducers to create slower outut speeds

Stainless Steel Ratio Multipliers

  • Smooth Stainless Steel Washdown housing
  • Stainless Steel output shaft with oversized bearings
  • Nema C-Face input design
  • Will accept any manufacturers C-face motor – Ratings up to 5Hp
  • Specifically designed for the food and beverage industries.

OEM Offers Keltech Products

OEM is proud to provide Keltech products to many customers. In addition to steel ratio multipliers, OEM carries Keltech's product of line of gear reducers, motors, and optidrives. Although they highly focus on the production of their stainless steal products, they also offer aluminoum products as well. 

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