AFE: Success is best served cold

If you’re looking for equipment that reflects the latest advancements in freezing technologies, Advanced Food Equipment (AFE) is the thing for you!

Freezing for Success

Advanced Food Equipment (AFE) provides cooling and freezing equipment for food processing facilities. AFE manufacturers IQF (individually quick frozen) freezers, steam cookers, blanchers and control panels for food processing, storage and transportation. 

Recent enhancements in cooling technologies has allowed AFE to rise above the "one size fits all" approach to freezing. To pass USDA requirements, specific products need to adhere to certain hygienic standards and exhibit particular qualities after thawing, preparation, cooking and/or baking.

So, by combining specialty freezing equipment with energy savings, simplicity of access and use, high performance and cost effectiveness, AFE has exhibited its ability to handle your needs with confidence.

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AFE Freezers: Safe, Reliable, Efficient

Advanced Food Equipment products are known for efficiency both in energy consumption, quickness in freezing and optimization of package sizes for storage and shipping,  AFE's goal is to provide the most hygienic, energy efficient and reliable equipment available in the world.