Anysize Guide Rail System is Right Solution for Napa Winery

Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) has installed its extended stroke Anysize positioner at Treasury Wines in Napa, CA. This product expands on the proven and trusted standard Anysize cylinder that has over 100,000 units already in use.

Treasury, maker of Beringer, Lindeman's, Stag's Leap and other well-known wines, wanted to introduce additional case sizes to meet evolving customer preference and export sales requirements but ran into production problems when the cases jammed on their existing overhead, fixed guide case conveyor. They needed a way to automatically change over their case conveyor so it would accommodate these new cases without jamming.

AMT installed the retrofit system over a weekend, the positioners bolted to the existing conveyor and, after that, all that was required was a single line of poly‐flow tubing to the 110 VAC control panel (no power drop). Now Treasury Wines can automatically change over the line to all their current case sizes and add any future case size with ease from a touch screen. 

Anysize Positioner Proves Simple, Cost Effective 

Treasury Wines was attracted to the simplicity of the system as well as the price. Since each positioner has just one moving part and a single air‐line its reliability is inherently superior to other systems containing numerous gears and electronics. 

Anysize is pneumatic, but only consumes compressed air during a change over and can be run with a small 1hp compressor if plant air is not available—a significant energy savings over electronic stepper systems that require constant power to maintain position.

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