Electro-mechanical Screw Jack Systems Hit North America

There is a widespread push to replace hydraulic systems with electro-mechanical screw jack systems and for a number of good reasons. The trend has already been under way in Europe for some years and now it is moving to North America. Engineers are being tasked to “design out” hydraulic systems and “design in” screw jack systems for their pushing, pulling, lifting and holding application needs.

Screw Jack Advantages over Hydraulic Systems

The main reasons for moving away from hydraulic systems is to be environmentally friendly and for safety. This is accomplished by eliminating hydraulic fluid spills, costly clean-up, dangerous working conditions, contamination to the working environment and to the products being manufactured or processed. Every hydraulic fluid connection is viewed as a possible leak with unexpected, costly shut downs, ultimately delaying production. Engineers are also realizing that screw jack systems are generally easier to design and install. Screw jacks are more accurate, offering greater repeatability when compared to hydraulic systems. Finally, screw jacks ease the speed and positioning of the controlled systems.

  • environmentally friendly
  • safety and low maintenance (higher up-keep)
  • ultimate precision and accuracy (repeatable results)
  • cleaner solution, less clean-ups
  • easier to design and install (fast setup)

State of the Art Zimm Screw Jacks

The new ZE-Series takes the state of the art Zimm screw jacks to the next level with these industry leading advantages:

  • Zimm’s dual lubrication system: Provides separate spindle and gearbox cavities allowing for optimum lubrication type to be used in each with the new ZE-Series having a larger gearbox capacity for grease and now oil for longer duty cycles. Separate cavities also completely eliminate lubrication cross contamination in the gearbox
  • Smoother and modern streamlined design: Provides increased heat dissipation, easier paint and corrosion application as well as enhanced wash-down suitability
  • Robust gearbox design allows full capacity mounting in any position
  • Hardened and ground worm shaft is standard
  • Reduced backlash from advanced worm gear design and machining techniques
  • Compatible with existing Z-Series
  • Available in 8 sizes | 5kN – the newly added 200kN

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