Featured Manufacturer: Cable Conveyor Systems

Since 1975, Cable Conveyor Systems has been known for high-quality, reliable and efficient conveyors used in the food, dairy and soda industries. OEM Processing Equipment is proud to be Cable Conveyor Systems' representative in Metro New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Northern Virginia. 

Cable Conveyor Systems holds several national and international patents for equipment. They are also a full service company; offering services such as consulting, designing, customizing and implementing systems for specific needs. And with top-of-the-line customer serives, their employees embody the quality and integrity that the company has been known for in the industry. 

Their Mission

Cable Conveyor Systems' mission is to provide excellent customer service. Whether designing and building custom conveyor systems for new installations or integrating conveyors into existing systems, they partner with their customers to create full-service company, conveying solutions. 

About Cable Conveyor Systems

Since 1975, Cable Conveyor Systems has been manufacturing conveying systems for processors in a wide variety of industries such as the food, dairy, beverage, motor oil, laundry soap and pet food industries. They serve manufacturers using cans or plastic containers to move their product.

Cable Conveyor Systems prides themselves on customer service - they take the time to understand their customer's needs. And with 40 years of experience, Cable Conveyor Systems can recommend and install the perfect system needed for moving any cans or plastic containers from Point A to Point B.

Products from OEM

OEM Industrial has all standard profiles in stock. However, upon request, Cable Conveyor Systems can extrude conveyor parts for custom installation to your exact specifications.

Cable Conveyor Systems developed a line of double-cable case conveyors designed to carry product packaging longer distances with fewer drives, increasing production and reducing purchasing and maintenance cost. OEM provides a variety of custom conveyor cables, aluminum and stainless steel cable conveyor tracks, cable splicing, and Agnew diverter gates for cans and bottles.