Featured Manufacturer: DieQua

The DieQua Corporation has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of motion control and power transmission drive components since 1980. Founded with quality of service in mind, DieQua works to provide products that offer the highest caliber, the most unique designs, the most reliable performance, along with superior value.

Over the years, DieQua has grown into a unique organization offering not only the greatest variety of gearboxes, speed reducers, and connecting components, but also the expertise and experience to help select and specify the appropriate technology for each individual application. 

40 years of of Reliable Experience & Support

DieQua continues to search the world over for innovative products to meet the changing technological needs of the industries they serve. DieQua offers the widest range of gearboxes, gearheads and speed reducers available from a single source, along with the know-how to select the appropriate product for any application.

Their customer dedication and industry knowledge has led DieQua to be the North American agent for Sesame and Spinea precision reduction gears.

Sesame Gearheads

Servo motors are used in a variety of machinery motion profiles to control position and speed. Regardless the accuracy required, or lack thereof, the same motor is often used. The performance level of the gearhead, however, is an important consideration for achieving the desired goal at the most cost effective price. A different internal construction design can yield different results.

Sesame Motor offers four performance levels with distinctive design characteristic options within each level. The wide range of available models allows the optimal product selection to achieve the desired performance, at the most value oriented price. It’s this versatility in performance, design, mounting and price ranges that make the Sesame servo gearhead product line the ultimate resource for your specific requirements.

Spinea Gearboxes

High productivity manufacturing requires automation systems that are highly accurate and extremely repeatable. Standard gear products, like planetary gearheads, rarely have the backlash control or torsional rigidity to perform as necessary. This is especially true in robotics, machine tool, medical, communication and some military applications.

There are a few devices available that provide many of the characteristics required for these types of applications. But none provide the torque density, rigidity and backlash control that is available from Spinea through DieQua. With some of the best delivery times in this market, you’ll actually be able to take advantage of the high performance features without having to wait for the seasons to change.

OEM Offers DieQua Products

OEM is proud to provide DieQua products to many consumers. OEM carries DieQua's of line of gearboxes, gearheads, and speed reducers.

All DieQua products are Servo/Stepper compatible and NEMA and IEC compliant for the automation, communications, custom machinery, food processing, material handling, medical, packaging and transportation industries. Visit the DieQua product page »