Sesame – PHCH Premium Planetary Servo Gearheads

Sesame’s PHCH is a Premium Class In-Line Helical Gear reducer, featuring Best-In-Class OHL capacities. 

The PHCH Series incorporates a robust combination of enhanced Torque Capacity and Output Shaft Loading that exceeds even the most demanding Packaging Equipment’s applications, without sacrificing mounting compatibility.


  • 3 levels of backlash
  • Inline, Keyed solid shaft configuration
  • 4 frame sizes 70-155 mm
  • Round output mounting flange
  • Ratios from 3:1 – 100:1

Features & Benefits

  • Inline Configuration
  • Output shaft, 16 mm through 40 mm diameter
  • Torque Capacity Range: 37 Nm through 600 Nm
  • Caged Planet Carrier: with Premium Helical planet gear set
  • High performance, efficiencies and low acoustics
  • Wide Range of Ratios: 8 single stage and up to 13 two-stage ratios
  • Taper Roller Bearings deliver radial load capacity as high as 11380 N, and axial capacities up to 8830 N
  • Square Servo and Step Motor input: accommodates 60 mm through 220 mm, with optional sizes available