Spinea - High Precision Reduction Gears

The Spinea TwinSpin (TS) high precision reduction gears from Diequa Corp. represent a new generation of power transmission systems.

The TwinSpin gears are based on a new reduction mechanism and a new design of a radial-axial output bearing. The notion TwinSpin indicates the full integration of a high precision trochoidal reduction gear and a radial-axial bearing in a single unit. 

This new transmission concept allows the use of the TS reduction gear directly in robot joints, rotary tables, and wheel gears in various transport systems.

Spinea reduction gears: uses

Spinea TwinSpin reduction gears are ideal for robotics, rotary tables, machine tools and other precision machinery. The T series comes in nine sizes with torque capacities from 35-7500 Nm.

TS high precision reduction gears are designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high kinematic accuracy, low lost motion, high moment capacity and high stiffness of a compact design with a limited installation zone, and low mass.

Spinea TwinSpin: Features and Benefits

  • Zero Backlash
  • High Moment Capacity
  • High Positioning Accuracy
  • High Positioning Repeatability
  • High Torsional and Tilting Stiffness
  • Small Envelope Size
  • High Torque Density
  • High Reduction Ratios
  • High Efficiency
  • Long Lifetime
  • Easy Assembly
  • No Maintenance