ZA-Series | Electromechanical Actuators

Characteristics of ZA-Series include high performance and increased duty cycle. Flexible combinations, state of the art design and efficiency are key advantages with high load capacity of the screw-on tabs, high-quality corrosion protection due to the uniform surface, and compatibility with existing constructions.

The parameters and requirements for the application of your lifting gear are crucial when choosing either a trapezoidal thread or ball screw, especially concerning the following:

  • Duty cycle
  • Repitition accuracy and positioning accuracy
  • Stroke speed
  • Stat. / dyn. loading (Hold load in position or move)
  • Service life and maintenance

Zimm Electromechanical Actuator Features

The trapezoidal thread is robust and moderately priced. It is the right choice for most adjustment tasks.

Spindle and nut are exposed to friction and must be well lubricated. Usually it is suitable for applications up to max. 20% of duty cycle. Most single-start trapezoidal threads are self-locking (that means the load is held at engine stop, which is particularly useful in suspended loads or applications where loads are being lifted).

Trapezoidal threaded spindles are also available in stainless material on request. Another aspect is the safety nut systems (SIFA) which are only available in trapezoidal thread design. There is no calculation for the life span of the trapezoidal thread drives as there is for the ball screw drives.