Kel-Tech Gear Reducers

Estabilshed in 1990, Kel-Tech Electric Canada Ltd. aims to always have products of superior quality. This includes their gear reducers, which are designed to increase the torque and reduce load speed of electric motors. 

Over the past twenty years, Kel-Tech Electric has received many awards for its outstanding performance from many leading companies. For food processing, pharmaceutical and other environments requiring extreme cleanliness and frequent washings, nothing works better than Stainless Steel. Move loads safely and efficiently without compromising performance with Kel-Tech's excellent selection of gear reducers.

Washdown Stainless Steel Reducers

  • Full Stainless Steel housing
  • Stainless Steel hollow shaft
  • Double Worm Shaft Bearings, to relieve pressure on the motor bearings
  • VITON output seal with external dust protection lips.
  • Optional interchangeable right or left hand output shafts available

Aluminum Reducers

  • Single Piece aluminum alloy housing
  • Oversized bearings on input and output
  • Standard hollow output shaft mounting
  • Standard Nema C flange for easy motor mounting
  • Premium high temperature Nitrile output seals.
  • Vent free design, no breathers or vents to leak.
  • Factory lubricated for life with synthetic oil.

Kel-Tech gearboxs are manufactured in Italy. Using state of the art technology both in design and production, to offer a competitive high-efficiency gearbox suitable for today's market needs.