Rollon Corp. Headquarters

Rollon Corp. is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems, guides and linear actuators. Rollon has a demonstrated capability in creating engineered solutions and custom products for OEM’s and machine builders everywhere to solve unique and difficult applications.

Spiratex Chain Tracks

Chain tracks help improve the life of your chains on your conveyor. By reducing friction and drag, chain tracks will keep your conveyor running quickly and smoothly.

Why OEM Is The Rep For You

As a manufacturer's rep firm, OEM Industrial & Processing Equipment develops long-term relationships with our client companies to sell their products. Unlike distributors, OEM is not an additional channel or middleman between companies and customers. We establish strong relationships with our clients with a tailored service based on collaboration and cooperation. 

Spiratex Neck Guides

The Spiratex Co. offers a variety of neck guides to suit your needs. Spiratex neck guides are specially made to carry PET and HDPE bottles and containers through production facilities.

They extrude profiles to clip onto bars ranging in size from 13-gauge to 11-gauge in a variety of styles. Spiratex can extrude their neck guides in any custom length, color or UHWM/PE blend.

Spiratex Spiral Wrap

Spiratex spiral wrap is manufactured using cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB), which Spiratex has been using since 1960. Spiral wrap is used to protect hydraulic lines and to bundle cables, wires, hoses or tubing.