OEM at PACK EXPO East in Philadelphia

This week OEM Industrial is attending the PACK EXPO East, the industry’s premier tradeshow experience on the East Coast in Philadelphia.

RBS line of ACME screw products

The RBS line of ACME screw products has been designed and manufactured to provide an economical means for converting angular/rotational motion to linear/translational motion.

RBS Ball Screws

In select sizes starting with our 1.5 inch diameter and larger screws 'Keyway Nuts' from Rockford Ball Screw are a standard option. 

RLA Custom Systems Cylinders

System cylinders integrate electronics with hydraulics to provide precise cylinder sensing and feedback. RLA offers several varieties, including: proximity switch, non-contact tranducer, integra limbedded transducer, and integral feedback transducer.

RLA Custom Pneumatic Cylinders

RLA’s deep understanding of every aspect of the cylinder industry enables them to design and manufacture the highest quality products, including custom pneumatic cylinders.