Airform Rollers & Pulleys

Bryant Products, Inc. precision-grade Airform parts provide the industry’s best rollers and pulleys for conveyor systems. Bryant’s proprietary methods eliminate additional expense and weight normally required for machine rollers and pulleys. With AirForm, you get a lighter-weight conveyor pulley without all of the extra fabrication and material costs.

Hollow Shaft Gearboxes

Tandler hollow shaft gearboxes offer shaft mount designs with keyways, square splines, involute splines, or smooth bores with shrink disks.

Standard Right Angle Gearboxes

Tandler spiral bevel gearboxes offer low backlash and low transmission error for precise power transmission. Input and output options include standard shafts, hollow shafts, and mounting flanges. Auxiliary shafts for power takeoffs, reversing, and disengaging designs are also available.

Reversing Gearboxes

Tandler reversing or disengaging gearboxes are used to declutch a drive element or reverse rotational direction. DieQua offers the Tandler series S, AS, and W reversing and disengaging gearbox.

Helical Worm Gear

Speed reducers are mechanical devices generally used for two purposes: to multiply the amount of torque generated by an input power source to increase the amount of usable work and to reduce the input power source speed to achieve desired output speeds.