Nook Industries Headquarters

Nook Industries is a global leader with years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality linear motion systems and solutions. Founded in 1969, Nook Industries continues to provide the same exceptional quality service today, with a greater expansion of customized system solutions.

Owen and Tamara at Bryant stand at Expo

Bryant Products is a collection of creative, knowledgeable, and talented individuals focused on the design and production of conveyor components and custom products and coatings for industry. Bryant works closely with OEM Industrial to provide conveyor components and custom products for customers throughout the industry.

Specialty Conveyers

Bryant Products now produces specialty conveyor systems. They produce the one-offs and niche systems that the major players are not interested in making. With twenty years experience in producing the high quality, Bryant Products' advanced design components are relied upon by conveyor manufacturers to have in their systems.

Bryant Products specialize in producing both manufacturing and food service conveyers.

FreeSeal® Telescoper® Brand Takeups

Bryant’s new FreeSeal® for Telescoper® brand takeups offers the first positive seal for telescoping tube takeups. This patented design further enhances the superior resistance to freeze-up that the Telescoper® has become known for.

Bryant has such absolute confidence in this new seal system that they will guarantee all FreeSeal® equipped takeups against freeze-up for life. Better yet, they are maintenance free – no cleaning, no re-greasing, no worries!

Scissor Roller

Bryant Products features a large well-equipped, advanced CNC department. Their equipment is of the latest technologies, offering the highest levels of precision, programming flexibility, repeatable quality, and surface finishes. Like many lines of conveyor components, their CNC department is fully supported by a talented and very experienced engineering department.