Tom Ingrim, President of AMT

With over 20 years experience in the industry, OEM Industrial & Processing Equipment strives to care for and to serve clients with enthusiasm and dedication. We are proud to have the loyalty of our clients who, year after year, work with us to distribute their products. 

Screw Conveyor Flight Edging

Flight edging is designed to eliminate metal to metal contact between the auger flight and the auger conveyor casing. Flight edging prevents product rollback by decreasing the space between the flight edge and casing.

Spiratex Co. 1955

Founded in 1955, the Spiratex Company has serviced the custom thermoplastic extrusion industry for over 60 years. Today, as an employee-owned company, Spiratex prides itself on its exemplary work ethic and dedication to problem solving in all industries. It is their goal to make things easy for the customer and their ambition to be known as the experts among extruders.

Bearing Mounts

Rockford Ball Screw offers the most complete line of standard bearing mounts in the industry, including the BMF Series of fixed bearing mounts, BMR Series of 'simple radial' supports, and BM Series 'simple' supports.

Bearing Supports

Rockford Ball Screw offers custom bearing mount and support solutions for common sizes of standard ACME and ball screws.