RLA Custom Systems Cylinders

System cylinders integrate electronics with hydraulics to provide precise cylinder sensing and feedback. RLA offers several varieties, including: proximity switch, non-contact tranducer, integra limbedded transducer, and integral feedback transducer.

RLA Custom Pneumatic Cylinders

RLA’s deep understanding of every aspect of the cylinder industry enables them to design and manufacture the highest quality products, including custom pneumatic cylinders.

DieQua: Dual Input Gearbox Provides Dual Output Speed Solution

Get the best in driveline solutions with DieQua gearboxes, gearheads, and speed reducers. Utilize DieQua products for flawless two-speed application in industrial workspaces.

Spinea M Series

The Spinea M Series reduction gears represent a high-precision solution for smaller-scale linear motion applications. The M Series retains all of the qualities of the larger Spinea gears (H, T and E series). 

Keltech Stainless Steel Gearboxes are now NSF approved!

After rigorous testing Keltech's complete line of Stainless steel gearboxes have achieved NSF approval. All future Keltech gearboxes will have the NSF stamp etched on the back with the nameplate information.